Greenville Zoo_Family Outing

Entering the Greenville Zoo
Greenville, South Carolina

We woke up really early (at least for me) to get ready and leave for Greenville, South Carolina. We intended on going to the Greenville Zoo and then to an A & W Restaurant afterwards. This first half of the plan went as planned. However, the second half did not (I’ll explain later).

The Family

The Greenville Zoo is located in Greenville, South Carolina. It is set on 14 acres in the city’s Cleveland Park. The Zoo was founded in 1960. Compared to other parks, the Greenville Zoo is rather small in size. At the time of the opening, most of the animals were indigenous species who already called the Upstate region home. A monkey dome was added in 1962 and was populated with 26 Colobus Monkeys. The monkeys were not indigenous to the area, however, the became a tremendous hit with the park’s visitors. The Zoo is open year-round, but hours vary based on the season. The Zoo has several programs and events that provide a fabulous opportunity for adults and children alike to visit and learn.

After entering the Zoo, we first visit the monkeys and then the reptiles. My grandson enjoyed looking at the snakes, he doesn’t shy away from anything.

Lions, leopards are the cats in the zoo. Monkeys, South American Pampas, giraffes, and pink flamingos are some of the animals you’ll encounter if you choose to visit the Greenville Zoo. If you plan on visiting the Greenville area, I’d say go ahead and stop by the zoo for a visit. However, if the zoo is the only reason you are coming to Greenville, then I’d say pass on the zoo and visit one of the many parks and enjoy a hike. Save the Zoo trip for one of the Zoos in a larger city.

As you walk along the path to the various animal enclosures, the Zoo has canopies which one can walk through the sprays a mist of water to cool you off on a hot summer day. My grandson enjoyed running through the canopies and feeling the mist of water on his body.

Besides the various animals located throughout the zoo, it is also home to several tropical plants and flowers. I enjoy seeing the beauty of God’s creation regardless of it is out in nature, at the zoo, or in a lovely garden.

A map of the Zoo is located just inside the entrance for your convenience. The map will guide you to the desired locations of the animals you wish to visit. There are a few sights situated for capturing your loved ones sitting on a “bear”, or a “lion.” And before you ask, no they are not real but indeed statues designed to sit upon and enjoy. Of course, I had to capture my grandson sitting upon the statues.

Map of the Greenville Zoo
150 Cleveland Park Drive
Greenville, South Carolina

Our other purpose for visiting the Greenville area was to stop at an A & W Restaurant for a frosty mug of A & W root beer and to purchase a few A & W glass mugs to take home. Now for the disappointing part of our trip. The A & W Restaurant location we stopped at was drive through only (a disappointment especially since we planned to sit and enjoy some root beer after our visit to the zoo.) This location also did not have any of the A & W glass mugs on hand to sale (another big disappointment.)

Disappointments and all, the day was a good outing to spend with family. We ended up stopping to eat closer to home and chose to stop at The Greek Grill for some authentic Greek Gyros. They were super delicious by the way. If you are ever in the Tega Cay, South Carolina area I would highly recommend a stop for food at The Greek Grill located at 1143 Stonecrest Blvd. #101, Tega Cay, SC 29708. The hours are 11am to 8pm except on Sundays when they close at 7pm.

God Bless. Thank You for visiting. Till next time. Spend quality time with you family. Love and enjoy them while you can. Remember I appreciate y’all.

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