Monday Meanderings: ASCG With Coleman

Welcome everyone. I’m glad you could join me today.

On our Monday Meanderings, Coleman and I returned to the Anne Springs Close Greenway (ASCG) for some hiking 🥾. Coleman is my two (2) year old grandson. He has been 🥾 with my for approximately a year and a half (1 1/2) now. He recently has decided he wants to earn his certificate for completing his trail passport. The passport contains a list of twenty-six (26) trails which span a total of thirty-six (36) miles within the ASCGreenway.

hiking 🥾 from
the Adventure Road

Coleman loves to be outdoors. He loves to visit the Greenway. Does he get tired on the trail? Sometimes yes. Does he have fun on the trail? Yes, he definitely does.

Today, we parked at the Adventure Road Entrance. We began our meanderings on the Trekker Loop. We first spotted Lake Crandall and a group of young boys which are a part of the fishing 🎣 day camp offered to youth at the ASCG. He immediately went down towards the water 💦. He grabbed a stick and tried mimicked their fishing 🎣.

prosiding towards
Fern Forest 🌳 Trail

Along the Archers Loop/Trekkers Loop trail we view the beautiful Lake Frances. He sorta got muddy as he was approaching the water 💦. He enjoys putting his hands 🙌🏼 (if not his whole body) in the water. When he stood up, his one hand ✋ and arm was all muddy.

We went along Fern Forest 🌳 and then back to Archers Loop hiking 🥾 back towards the car. Today was rather a short hike. But there is no place he would rather be than out on a trail hiking 🥾.

taking a break
having a few sips
of his juice

We always bring bottles of water 💦 and juice 🧃 for us to drink along the trails. It can get hot, sweaty, and thirsty hiking 🥾 along the trails. We always remember to stay hydrated. That is very important when you go hiking 🥾.

God bless. Hope you’ll visit with us again on our next adventure. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate y’all.

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