Happy Independence Day America!

Today, July Fourth, is a day set apart to celebrate America’s Independence from Great Britain. It is a day to celebrate the 13 original colonies decision to renounce British rule and form the United States. The representatives of the colonies voted for independence on July 2, 1776. It was approved two days later with the Declaration of Independence, a document which explained the vote.

Photo used with permission.
The artwork was created by Norm Daniels.
He is an artist in San Diego County, California and a friend.
To see more of his artwork, check out his website: http://www.normhere.com/

This is a well-illustrated artwork about the Independence of America. The Declaration of Independence and its ratification is why we have the freedoms we have today. We have the freedom to live peaceably to worship as we so choose. We have the freedoms to say and do as we please. everyone might not like some of the things we choose to say or do, but we are guaranteed our unalienable rights. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I’m Free
Because of
The Brave

We continue to be free in the United States of America because of the brave men and women who willingly serve this country fighting wars at home and abroad to ensure those freedoms.

Sometimes it seems like the fourth of July is just an excuse to party and set of fireworks. Even though everyone has the freedom to do as they so choose, I wish when they choose to set off fireworks that they would take into consideration the location in which they choose to set them off. Think about the people being affected by the loud noise, and the potential fire damage that fireworks could cause to nearby property. Fireworks are nice and pretty to watch if they are in a location set apart from close buildings and vehicles. Some people and animals are severely affected by the loud booming noise that fireworks make when they are set off. For example, people suffering from PTSD, small children and animals’ loud booming noises can and are very disturbing. It would be appreciated very much, if before setting off fireworks, one would consider how others are and will be affected by them.

The above pictures were taken with my phone. They were taken just outside my front door of our apartment complex. They show how close to parked cars the fireworks were being shot off. The loud noise affected our service dog and my two-year-old grandson. The people shooting them off close to the buildings and cars did not take into consideration how the fireworks would affect the people and animals living in the apartments. They just thought it would be fun and they had the freedom to do so. My problem is that being in the city, close to buildings and automobiles, it is not illegal for anyone to shoot fireworks. It is legal for anyone and everyone to shoot off fireworks in the city anywhere they please. I grew up with fireworks being illegal in the city close to homes and tight close surroundings. SO, being in a city that has no restrictions on where fireworks can be shot off is very disturbing to me.

Enough of my rant for the day. I hope everyone had a pleasant and enjoyable fourth of July. God Bless America, May God bless y’all. Thank you! I appreciate y’all.

Happy Independence Day

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