Plants and Flowers at the Greenway: Lake Haigler Entrance

Sunday was a sunshiny day It a a blistering 96° in the Piedmont area of South Carolina. My grandson and I visited the Lake Haigler Entrance of the Anne Springs Close Greenway for our morning adventure of hiking and enjoying nature.

Anne Springs Close Greenway

As we walk/hike the trails we observe nature and the beautiful plants and flowers we see as we stroll along. There are plenty of plants and flowers in the Greenway, you just need to slow down and “stop and smell the roses.”

Plants and Flowers

From the entrance we walked down past the Rush Pavilion to the Nature Center and placed a book in the Little Yellow Lending Library. From there we hiked down to the Swinging Bridge and strolled over the the North Steele Creek trail. The was the first time hiking this trail with my grandson, Coleman.

The North Steele Creek trail winds around the left side of a creek. It is 1.5 miles in length and connects to the Blue Star trail. We hiked the North Steele Creek trail, the proceeded onto the Blue Star trail. The entire Blue Star trail is 7.5 miles long. We only hiked the portion of Blue Star which led us to the Railroad Trestle. My grandson loves trains. Unfortunately, however, no trains passed along the trestle while we were there.

near the
Railroad Trestle

After a short break resting on a bench just passed the trestle, ( much needed for replenishing our fluids and a snack for Coleman), we continue on Blue Star crossing another swinging bridge and onto the Muscadine trail. The Muscadine trail portion we were on leads back towards Lake Haigler and the canteen. The whole Muscadine trail is 3.5 miles long. We hiked Muscadine until we approached the Wild Azalea trail. The Wild Azalea trail is 1.5 miles in length.

the way
to go

The Wild Azalea trail led us to the Lake Haigler Loop and to the kayak launch area. My grandson has now decided he wants to go out in a kayak one weekend ( the kayaks are only rented out on weekends.)

This was a long and tiring 6.6 mile hike ( at least for me.) After seeing the kayaks, my grandson got a burst of energy. Instead of going straight back to the Rush Pavilion from the kayak launch, he decided to stroll along a portion of the Lake Haigler Loop which passes by Lake Haigler. He loves the water, looking at it, playing near it, or if he can get away with it, playing in the water.

Once back at the Rush Pavilion canteen we had our bottles filled with ice and then filled them with water. We sat inside (his choice) to enjoy the color air and relax before heading home.

along the path
to the parking lot.
Anne Springs Close Greenway

God Bless. Have a safe and fun-filled fourth. Thank you! I appreciate y’all.

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