Catawba Indian Nation Trail: Carolina Thread Greenway Trail

Catawba Indian Nation
Carolina Thread Greenway Trail

For our Wednesday Wanderings, Coleman and I visited a different local trail we had never hiked before. I had heard about the trail, and it really wasn’t that far away from us. I decided that we should change up our routine and hike something different, see what other trails existed in our area. With the yearning to change things up a bit, I drove us to the Catawba Indian Nation Greenway Trail.

The Catawba Inian Nation Greenway Trail is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The trail is a natural surface trail which runs along the Catawba River through the Catawba Indian Nation Reservation. The trail is open to the public to enjoy and learn about the area’s Native American Tribe. The Catawba Indian Nation is the only federally recognized tribe in South Carolina.

The Catawba Indian Nation Greenway Trail is a part of the Carolina Thread Trail. There are three trails on this reservation that connect to each other. One trail begins behind the Cultural Center called the Cultural Center Trail or the Yehasuri Trail. The Loop Trail leads towards the Government Center before the Greenway Trail ends. The third trail is the Catawba Indian Nation Greenway Trail. This third trail is the one Coleman and I hiked. It begins at the Government Center. The trail has benches located in various areas along it for a chance to rest a bit or to just sit, relax, and enjoy the views of the Catawba River. Parts of the trail are packed with gravel; other parts are a natural surface. When we hiked the trail, the natural surface portions were muddy after the previous days rain. One had to be careful not to slip and fall in the mud.

The Yehasuri Trail hosts interpretive signage about the importance of the land to the tribe’s cultural as well as Catawba dwelling, a bark house, dugout trees, story circle and active archeological dig. The Catawba Indian Nation Trail is 1.6 miles in length. This trail follows alongside the Catawba River. There are plenty of spots along the trail to not just view the river, but as my grandson loves to do, get in the river and play around. The Loop Trail is 0.3 miles long. If you begin at the Government Center, you hiked down a long green grassy meadow for approximately 0.6 miles bringing you down to the river and the Catawba Indian Nation Greenway Trail.

While hiking the trail we came upon an area containing a balance beam of sorts, bars to lift up on or in the case of my grandson, Coleman, swing on. A little further down the trail Coleman spotted a slide. I’m not sure the slide was actually on the trail or on private property. I wasn’t actually sure. After I allowed Coleman to have fun sliding down the slide and left the area, that’s when I thought it might have been on private property adjoining the trail.

The entire length on the trail is 2.5-miles one way. We did not quite hike the full 2,5 miles. We turned around shortly after hiking 2 miles one way and hiked back up to the Government Center and to the car. Whenever you hike make sure you bring plenty of water to drink, a hat to shade the sun, sunscreen on hot sunny days to protect your skin from burning, and possibly a scarf or rag to wipe the sweat off your face on hot and humid days.

My Grandson,

God Bless. Take Care and stay safe. Get Out in Nature and Enjoy God’s Creation. Thank You for visiting. Looking forward to your next visit. I appreciate y’all.

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