ASCG: Greenway Stables Entrance: Part One -Horses and Hiking — Dogwood and Peach Loop Trails…..

My hiking 🥾 buddy, Coleman, and I drove to the Horse 🐎 Road Entrance of the Anne Springs Close Greenway on Thursday. It turned out to be a beautiful day. We’ve been having rain 🌧 showers off and on lately. So time on the trail without rain 🌧 interfering with our hike was fantastic.

The main point of interest at this entrance is of course the horses 🐎. Seeing the horses 🐎 is a highlight for Coleman. He loves seeing and petting the horses 🐎. Visiting the horses was not our main purpose on this day, even though very pleasant. Knowing Coleman, we had to stop and visit with the horses before we could begin our hike for the day.

saying hi
to the horses

The Greenway Stables Entrance is also sometimes referred to as the Horse Road Entrance. The Greenway Stables are located at 1046 Horse Road, Fort Mill, South Carolina. On Horse Road you take a quick left on the road to enter the parking lot. When you first exit your car in the parking lot you will see the Gibson House. The Gibson House overlooks the pond and fields and offers a time for relaxing while watching the horses run. It is available for rent as a venue for wedding ceremonies, receptions, parties, picnics, and much more. Restrooms are located on the right-hand side of the building.

One of the paths to the trails is entered through the first horse stable location. After a short visit with the horses, we moved on down the path to the Dogwood Trailhead. We followed along left side of the Dogwood Trail. At this point, there were two choices to make to begin to begin the trail. We chose the path on the left. This trail passes through a scenic pasture area on the south end of the property connecting with Peach Loop.

leading the way
to the Dogwood Trail

Coleman has a fascination of having his picture taken by the trail posts. Capturing the trail posts also reminds us of where we’ve been and what we encountered along the trail. we connected to Peach Loop after we reached trail marker 7. The Peach Loop breaks off from Timberline and the Blue Star trails as well. Dogwood runs into Timberline, so if you are not familiar with the trails you might get confused on which trail you are on or which direction you need to proceed on when the trails signs say different trails. The Peach Loop route keeps you inside the wooded area rather than being outside the timber line for this section. The loop takes you back onto the trail you started on. Therefore, after coming full “circle” on Peach Loop, it brought us back to Dogwood.

Back on Dogwood the trail wound around and led us back to the horses and the Gibson House where we began our day. The sights along the trail are amazing. The dirt surface can become muddy after the rains. On this day the trails were pretty good. The only things we had to watch out for were the tree roots sticking up along the path. If you’re not watching where you are going you could trip and fall over a tree root, so be careful as you hike the trails.

Naturally, we had to stop along the way back to the car to watch the horses in the pasture grazing about. The horses are beautiful creatures, and the views are spectacular.

God Bless. Get Outdoors and enjoy nature. There’s nothing my grandson loves more than being out in nature and hiking the trails. Thank you for visiting. Looking forward to your next visit. Remember I appreciate y’all,

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