New Lenses Trial: Macro/Fisheye

I bought myself a couple of new lenses for Christmas. Hey, I figured the only way I would receive any thing for Christmas was to buy want was on my wish list myself. Anyway, one of the new lenses I bought is a Altura .35X Fisheye HD lens attachment 58mm lens with Macro.

We only put up a Christmas tree yesterday and today after my daughter arrived home from work and ate her supper (Coleman & I already ate) we decided to wrap Christmas presents. Mind you, my grandson, Coleman is supposed to be sleeping. We almost get them all wrapped when he starts saying “eat, eat.” So, we stop wrapping and get him out of his room to come out and eat again. When he saw the wrapped presents, he thought “HO HO” (What he calls Santa) had already come and he thought he could open presents. We had a time trying to convince him that “HO HO” still needed to come and he had to eat and go back to bed.

Since we had most of the presents wrapped and sitting by the tree, I thought I might as well take a few pictures. Some are using the wide angle and others are using the Fisheye. This is the first time I’ve tried using a Fisheye lens. It will take me awhile to figure things out in using it.

Wide Angle Shots (First one is on Manual, I forgot to adjust the settings):

Fisheye Shots:

Photo Credit: Copyright (c) … All Rights Reserved.

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Happy Holidays to one and all! Enjoy and Blessings to y’all. I appreciate y’all.

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