Pull Up a Seat: Seating Around the Greenway

My selections this time come from the trails around Wagon and Haigler Loops as well as by the Canteen at Anne Springs Close Greenway.

Pull Up a Seat Along Wagon Loop:

Coleman sitting
on stone blocks
Up the trail
a short distance
Coleman relaxes
on a bench.

Pull Up a Seat beside Lake Haigler:

Bruce T. Rush Pavilion:

Coleman sitting
at one of eight picnic tables
within the Rush Pavilion.

The Bruce T. Rush Pavilion is located at the Lake Haigler Entrance of the Anne Springs Close Greenway. It is an open-air shelter, available for rental, which features a hardwood ceiling with a stone fireplace. It overlooks the beautiful Lake Haigler. It is an ideal area for company picnics, birthday parties, receptions, and small intimate wedding ceremonies.

In Front of the Canteen:

Coleman sitting
in one of
several rockers
out in front
of the Gateway Canteen.

Pull Up a Seat

Photo Credit: Copyright (c)2022@gfpacificbeeintrospection.com … All Rights Reserved.

God Bless. Thank you for visiting. Have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your Holidays! Remember I appreciate y’all.

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