Christmas 🎄 Past: Memories

Reflecting back on Christmases past is something I don’t often do. This year I have been trying to remember what Christmases used to look like while I was growing up. Odd thing is I cannot remember much about them. Not what gifts were given or received. I know I gave and received them, but if you asked me what I received in any particular year I would not be able to tell you.

These photos are from my archives. Most likely taken by my father, Nornal Hule Waters.

The first photo by the date is of my very first Christmas taken with my dad, & my brother. So, this one my mom probably snapped. This first Christmas was spent in Great Falls, South Carolina. Great Falls is a town (not a city). The second photo is also taken in Great Falls, SC with my mom I presume the following year. And the third photo was taken in San Diego, California when I was either in Junior High or a sophomore in high school. Definitely before 1974. My brother went into the Air Force early in 1975 and was no longer home for Christmas afterwards.

The one constant which I remember is that every Christmas Eve growing up, we went to a Christmas Eve Service at church. We would dress up in our very best church clothes to attend the special service. It would be filled with music, both from the choir and the audience. It would be a joyous occasion, extremely uplifting. The emphasis would be given though a message (some would call a sermon) as well as the music on the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ and the visit by the three wise men presenting the Christ child with precious gifts. This tradition was not continued each and every year after my marriage and living what I consider my hometown (not my birth city). Sadly, it is one that I remember and miss the most.

The above pictures were taken after I had my eldest son and later after my marriage. The first photo is of my eldest son, John Thomas Waters III. He was named after my paternal grandfather who was also named after his paternal grandfather. The next one is the first Christmas photo after my marriage. And the last one is with my daughter for her first Christmas.

The next group of photos are random pictures of my family throughout the years.

More Random Christmas Photos:

Capture the memories with your family and friends while you are still able. You never know when one of them may no longer be with you. Photographs speak a thousand words, more than you’ll ever know. I wish I could spend another holiday with my dad, mom, husband, and grandparents, but sadly they will only be here in spirit.

I pray y’all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a blessed New Year.

Throwback Thursday #5

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