Throwback Thursday: Remembering When …

…. My husband, Terry, my eldest son, John and I visited the March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California back in late 1986.

Grumman F9F-5P ‘Panther’
| Planes of Fame Air Museum

March Field Air Museum began in 1979, when the first display of artifacts was opened up to the public at what was then March Air Force Base. During this period, the museum was recognized as an official U. S. Air Force Museum. [The museum was relocated in 1993to it’s current location alongside Interstate Highway 215.

Blue Angels
F-11F Tigers

The March Field Air Museum displays one of the largest collections of military aircraft on the West Coast. It is staffed by approximately 100 volunteers and 12 full and part time employees. It holds various types of military aircraft from attack aircraft to cargo planes to helicopters and Cessnas.

This was a great family day trip which was both fun and educational. If you’re ever near Southern California it would definitely be a worthwhile stop to visit.

Throwback Thursday

#TBTMemory #IRememberWhen

God Bless. Thank you for traveling down memory lane with me. Remember I appreciate y’all.

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