Pull Up a Seat: 2023 – Week 13

One can select a variety of seating of your choosing around the beautiful picturesque Gardens.

In Loving Momory
Maria Ann Smal
Enjoy the views
as you relax
in a Adirondack Chair
Or have a snack
or drink by one
of the patio tables
it is not wise
to choose Coleman’s
choice of Seating.

Pull up a seat

God Bless. Thank you for visiting the Gardens with me. I appreciate y’all.

5 responses to “Pull Up a Seat: 2023 – Week 13”

  1. It looks a wonderful place. So nice that they provide places to sit and rest and enjoy.

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    1. Thank you! We didn’t have a chance to sit & relax. Rain shortened our visit.

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  2. Beautiful places to sit and enjoy nature! I can probably sit down (for a few seconds) like Coleman … but I doubt I’ll be able to stand up again 😉.

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