2023 OWS: Vintage Cars

Ford Model T
1928 Essex Super Six 4
Pass Rumble Seat Coupe
1908 Ford Model S
1915 Buick

My dad always enjoyed attending car shows. He worked for Pearson Ford for over 35 years. He would watch NASCAR races whenever my mom wasn’t watching other sporting events. All of my dad’s life, he owned nothing but FORD cars. Growing up we all went to the cars shows together. My very first car I own was one my family owned. It was a 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 White 2 Door Select-a-Shift with Blue interior. I’ve never owned another car like it again. It was a great car that lasted me for a good 20 years.

One Word Sunday – Vintage

God Bless. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate y’all.

6 responses to “2023 OWS: Vintage Cars”

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  2. A great choice for Vintage. I’m sure the Galaxy will brig back memories for many people.

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  3. We had a couple of Galaxys when I was a kid 😀

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    1. My parents owned three Galaxies. A 1962 White 2 Door w/ red interior. It had manual steering. A 1967 White 2 door Ford Galaxie 500 XL with blue interior. It had a floor select-a-Shift, which became mine. And a 1972 White 2 door Ford Galaxie.

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      1. I think we had a 65 and a 72 or something like that. I was pretty young yet. I learned how to drive in the earlier 72 (which would have been about 5 years old by then).

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