Nature Photo Challenge #8: Fascinating Fungi

Deadly Galerina
Galerina marginata
Trichaptum abietinum
Psilocybe cubensis
Costa Rica Spores
Omphalotus nidiformis,
Ghost Fungus
Russula aurea
Gilded Brittlegill

Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge #8: Fascinating Fungi

Photo Credit: ©️Deb L Waters

God bless. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate y’all.

6 responses to “Nature Photo Challenge #8: Fascinating Fungi”

  1. […] Someone who knows their fungi – and their names – is Deb. […]

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  2. Terrific photos of fungi. You have so many different varieties 😀

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    1. Thank you! There are plenty of fungi in the various parks and greenways in the surrounding areas near me.

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  3. Super gallery, and you have named them all, which isn’t easy. Thanks for taking part Deb

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    1. Thank you! I tried. Missed the reddish ones. Not sure what they were. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

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      1. It’s always good to have you on-board Deb.

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