CFFC: Anything Large

This week my choices for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge comes from the Midwestern United States, the West Coast, and Southward towards the Gulf of Mexico. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my selections as I enjoyed the memories while selecting them.

The Big Basket
Longaberger Basket Building 🧺

Longaberger, founded by Dave Longaberger in 1973, is an American home and collectibles brand known for artisanal handcrafted and home décor products. For generations, the family has handwoven maplewood baskets in Dresden, OH.

The Big Basket, which opened in 1997, is a scaled-up version of Longaberger’s signature Medium Market Basket. Most of the cherry wood used in the Big Basket came from the grounds of the Longaberger Golf Club in Hanover.

The Big Basket also boasts two enormous handles, heated during the winter to thaw ice. “The basket is a symbol of overcoming adversity, of what you can achieve.”

Royal Caribbean’s
Enchantment of the Seas
Cruise Ship

The Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas Cruise Ship sails out of Galveston, Texas. This is the cruise ship I was on in late February of 2020. I sailed with my sister-in-law’s sister, Monica. She was not much for social interaction, however that did not prevent me from enjoying myself. Her peculiar intricacies were beyond my realm of understanding. I went because she wanted someone to share her cabin on the cruise. I thought we would be doing things together, but she preferred to stay in the cabin most of the time.

I, myself, chose to partake of my meals in the dining room, watch the live entertainment, walk around the ship and not stay cooped up in the room. The ship docked in Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico. I visited the shops while on shore. Not knowing if my cabin mate would come ashore or not, I didn’t wander very far. I did enjoy the parts I visited though.

Coronado-San Diego Bay Bridge

Even though there were several earlier proposals, one was not approved until 1964. The proposal to build a bridge was approved by the Pentagon with assistance from the California State Division of Highways. Groundbreaking began in 1967 taking two years to complete the construction.

The bridge opened with a special ceremony held on August 2, 1969. Apart of the opening ceremonies was a parade of Vintage cars.

Prior to the building of the Coronado Bridge, as it is referred to by locals, the only way to travel from San Diego to Coronado was by ferry. You could drive you vehicle onto the ferry (or walk, if one chose) and the ferry would take you across to the other side. Either transporting you from San Diego to Coronado or from Coronado to San Diego.

This spectacular bridge is a beautiful sparkling blue and more than two miles in length. It has a visually dramatic 90-degree shift at mid-point. The bend makes the bridge famous and unique. The elegant structure of the bridge is high enough for the tallest Navy ships to pass under and is artfully supported by arches with side panels of just 34 inches to allow for spectacular views while traveling across the bay.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to Coronado via ferry and across the Coronado Bridge. While going across by ferry was amazing at one time, the views you see while crossing the Bridge by car are incredibly beautiful.

National Veterans Memorial
San Diego, California

The very tip of Mt. Soledad, located in La Jolla, bears a cross that can be seen from many miles away. The Mt. Soledad Cross was first built in 1913 and was later dedicated as the Mt. Soledad Easter Cross in 1954.

The cross on top of Mt. Soledad was always amazing to gaze upon while growing up. I remember there were special sunrise services held there early on Easter Sunday mornings. People from all walks of faith would gather to worship at the foot of the cross to celebrate the risen Christ.

The cross was challenged in court in the 1980’s and was then designated as a Korean War memorial. It has always been a source of great controversy, clearly displaying a religious symbol on government property.

In July 2015, a group called the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association bought the half-acre of land under the cross from the Department of Defense. This officially no longer put the cross on government property.

The views are spectacular. Mt. Soledad offers a stunning panoramic glimpse of San Diego. If you’re ever in the area be sure to bring your camera. You won’t want to miss capturing the views.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

God Bless. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts. I appreciate y’all viewing my blog.

4 responses to “CFFC: Anything Large”

  1. Love the basket building 😀

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    1. Thank you! It was once the headquarters for the Longaberger company. It has since been turned into a luxury hotel.

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  2. That big basket building is so unique!

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    1. It is unique. This was from a visit to Ohio back in 2012.

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