Window Replacement

This month our apartment complex decided to replace all the windows in all of the apartments in the complex. [I saw no problem with the old ones, except they were painted shut so we couldn’t open them.] Today, (Friday, 2023 April 21), is our day for the new replacement windows to be installed. My grandson & the dog do not like the loud noise & the confusion.

This whole process of replacing all the windows in our three-bedroom townhome rook approximately 3 1/2 hours. Two men at a time worked on each window. First, chiseling and hammering all around the old wooden windows to loosen them up in order for them to be able to be taken out. One crew of two men worked on the downstairs windows, while a different pair worked on the upstairs windows. The old wooden windows were replaced with new vinyl windows. At this point, I am not sure if they will be better energy efficient wise or not. One good thing about the new windows is the ability to open them if we so desire. The old windows were painted shut and we were not able to open them. It will be good to have a breeze coming through the windows instead of using air conditioning so much. Especially during the upcoming summer months. The new windows can also be tiled inward for easier access to cleaning.

Our dog had to be shut up in a cage during this whole process which he definitely did not like. Whenever the workers were making the loud noises (which went on throughout the whole process) he would bark. He would bark even more so when they were working on the windows out back where he was located. I felt for him, but there was nothing I could do while the workmen were working. I couldn’t let him out of the cage. He did have plenty of food and water and area of shade.

As stated earlier, my grandson, Coleman, didn’t care for the loud noises either. He hated it so much he would cover his ears with his little hands.

Gotta love his facial and eye expressions. I wish I could have blocked put the loud noise as well. I know we were all ecstatic with joy when they were all done replacing our windows and we could relax and enjoy some much-deserved peace and quiet.

Ludwig’s Monday Window

Monday Portrait

God Bless. Thank you for allowing to share my thoughts with you. I appreciate y’all.

7 responses to “Window Replacement”

  1. Fascinating photos. Thanks for joining in and sharing your “Monday Window”

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    1. Thank you! Did you look at the last photo of Coleman closely? The window reflection is seen in his eyes.

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      1. I did see that photo reflecting the worker in the window. Delightful. May I use a crop of it in my next post? [Please let me know via the Get in Touch page. That allows us to communicate via email without sharing our addresses with the world.]

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        1. What is the Get in Touch page? Where? And sure.

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  2. Look closely at the third photo of Coleman. See the reflection in his eyes?

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