2023 April CBWC: Storefronts or Signs

It has been raining here quite a bit lately, so I haven’t been able to get out as much with my camera as I’d like. Therefore, I have chosen to dig into my archives this week for Cee’s Black and White Challenge.

First, we go to Germany for one of my mom’s photos of a German storefront, Lowenbrau Munchen.

Lowenbrau Munchen
Munich, Germany

My mom and dad went to Germany during the Christmas Holiday season back in 1975 when my brother was stationed there as a part of his U. S. Air Force service. My parents flew over to spend Christmas with my brother and his family. This shopping area was just one of the many areas they visited while they were there.

Next, we travel back to the United States for a variety of locations throughout the midwestern and southern regions, from Ohio to the Carolinas and on to Texas and Oklahoma.

Miller’s Bakery
Millersburg, Ohio

We visited Cousins in Ohio back in 2012 and had a personal tour of the area. Miller’s Bakery maintain’s an excellent selection of fresh baked bread & pastries.

Lehman’s Hardware Store
Kidron, Ohio

Lehman’s Hardware Store has a wide range of selections to meet the needs of all range of customers whether you use electricity or choose to live off the grid.

Harris Teeter Grocery Store
Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
Ballantyne, Charlotte, North Carolina

Harris Teeter is a grocery store chain based out of North Carolina with locations within seven South Atlantic States which include North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Maryland and also in the District of Columbia. It was founded by William Thomas Harris and Willis L. Teeter. Harris and Teeter started their separate businesses during the Great Depression in Charlotte, North Carolina. They later merged their two ventures into one and combined their names to what is now known as Harris Teeter. [As a side note, I worked for Harris Teeter for almost ten years. First, as a cashier and later as a personal shopper.]

The Pump House Restaurant
Rock Hill, South Carolina

The Pump House began as part of the Celanese Celriver Plant. The plant manufactured synthetic fibers from cellulose acetate. Construction began in 1946 and the plant was opened in 1948. The five pumps supplied approximately 4.7 million gallons of water from the Catawba River on a daily basis. The plant closedown in 2005, the buildings demolished and the Pump House was abandoned. It was sold in 2014 and extensive renovations began soon afterwards. On March 17, 2016, the Pump House opened as a destination restaurant. It features hand-crafted signature cocktails, a southern-inspired chophouse menu; focusing on using the very best local provisions and preparing them to ultimate perfection. [ I have hiked along the Catawba River surrounding the Pump House, but have never eaten there to date. It is a little over my price range for eating establishments.]

Sonic Restaurant
Abilene, Texas

I discovered this Sonic location while on one of my walks around Abilene. I was there in 2020 visiting my Aunt Erma Watson ( my mom’s sister, who I knew growing up as Irene). We had planned to take a trip to Kansas together, however, Covid-19 prevented our trip due to everything being shut down. ( I was really disappointed) Anyway, while there, I would take long walks around where my Aunt lived mainly for the exercise, but also to investigate what there was to see in the surrounding areas. The Sonic was one of the few restaurants that was familiar to me.

Palone Barber Shop
South Coffeville, Oklahoma

This photo was sent to me by my maternal cousin, Karen Palone. This barbershop 💈 was run by her husband’s grandfather. I reversed the photo so it could be read. The actual photo was taken from the inside looking outward and the lettering appeared backwards.

CBWC: Storefronts or Signs

God Bless. Thank you for sharing in my adventures and memories. I appreciate y’all.

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  1. I have a photo of the weinermobile too. I like yours in black and white. 😀 😀

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