NPC: #10 – Dragonflies

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly
Halloween Pennant Dragonfly
in Monochrome
Calopteryx maculata

Damselflies, like dragonflies, are members of an order of carnivorous insects called odonates.

Ebony Jewelwing
in Monochrome

Dragonflies are one of nature’s most intriguing and fascinating insects. The dragonfly darts around going about its business as usual, blissfully unaware and oblivious to the interest it has generated in us.

Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge #10 – Dragonflies

God Bless. Thank you for sharing your time. I appreciate y’all.

4 responses to “NPC: #10 – Dragonflies”

  1. Lovely captures!
    The last one with blue background is fantastic!

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  2. […] Are Dragonflies aware of our presence as we photograph them? asks Deb. […]

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  3. Or are they aware of us looking at them, and they like to pose in front of the camera?

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    1. Sometimes I think they just stay in one place for a few seconds so we can capture them.

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