Cheese Making

Ashe County Cheese 🧀

Ashe County Cheese is Carolina’s oldest cheese plant, producing quality cheese since 1930. We are located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.

I found it fascinating to watch the process of cheese being made from the viewing area and I would recall a visit to Ashe County Cheese and gift shop if you are ever in the area of West Jefferson, North Carolina. They sell over 20 varieties of original Ashe County Cheese as well as their own county butter, homemade fudge and everyone’s favorite, fresh cheese curd. They also offer other fine cheeses, locally made wines and a variety of gifts, souvenirs and old fashioned snacks and candies. The cheeses are fabulous and make excellent gifts. My son loves the Jalapeño cheddar and Smoked Ghost Pepper. I , on the other hand, am partial to the lactose free cheeses like the Garden Vegetable. All very delicious and pleasing to the palate.

CFFC: Industrial

Photo Credit: Deb L. Waters

Video created through Google Utilities Movie feature.

God Bless. Thank you for sharing your time with my blog. I appreciate y’all.

2 responses to “Cheese Making”

  1. We’ve got a cheese factory in Tillamook, Oregon. I’ve toured it a couple of times. Great photo and blog 😀

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    1. Thank you! The Harris Teeter stores around here carry Tillamook cheese. It’s fun and interesting to watch the cheese being made.


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