2023 Pull Up a Seat_With Coleman around Schiele Museum Farm & Nature Trail

on bench
outside log house
Farm Bureau bench
on ledge
of Gazebo
sideways on bench
near Grist Mill
Gotta love ❤️
backless bench
by Pond
A Rock 🪨
is as good
a Seat 💺
as Anything
for Coleman
fascinated looking 👀
at a leaf🍃
sitting on a
wood & metal bench

XingfuMama’s Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge

Photo Credit : Deb L. Waters

Camera: iPhone 14 Pro Max

God Bless. Thank you sharing your time. I appreciate y’all.

3 responses to “2023 Pull Up a Seat_With Coleman around Schiele Museum Farm & Nature Trail”

  1. You’ve got a busy little model. I adore the wooden one with the carved details.

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    1. Thank you! If there’s someplace to sit he’ll sit even if it’s not meant for sitting. He loves to see himself in photos. And does selfies with my phone when I don’t realize he’s swiped it.

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