Sunday Stills: #Sacred Spaces – Churches, Temples, and Spiritual Centres _ Church of my Youth

Scott Memorial Baptist Church
San Diego, California

The above photo is of the church I grew up in as a child. It holds many memories for me. The church was originally founded in North Park, San Diego in 1912 as Scott Memorial Baptist Church, in memory of U.S. Army chaplain Winfield Scott. My family and I began attending this church approximately in the Spring of 1958. The exact time I am not really sure about. I know we moved to San Diego in April of 1958. [My mom attended First Baptist Church of San Diego beginning in her pre-teen years. My maternal grandmother served as a cook for that church until shortly before she passed.]

Scott Memorial Baptist Church is where I first learned about God, about his love. grace, and forgiveness. It is the church I was baptized in at the young age of seven. It was where I learned to memorize scripture, study the Bible under the marvelous leadership of our Youth Pastor Jeremiah Riffe. It is through their youth program that I learned to enjoy hiking and camping.

This church has undergone several changes over the years. For example, after twenty-five years under the same pastoral leadership the leadership changed, and a new senior pastor was introduced. More pastoral changes occurred over the years as well as changes to the name of the church.

Grace Church San Diego
Formerly Scott Memorial Baptist Church
San Diego, California

This photo is of how the church looks at the present time. The leadership has changed, the name has changed, however, the teachings are still built on the foundation of Biblical Truth with a message of God’s Grace, love and hope anchored in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. They believe in making resilient disciples who direct their lives to live as Christ lived and taught. The building is the same and the teachings are primarily the same. It doesn’t matter that some of the people has changed, or the staff has changed, or that the name has changed and now goes by Grace Church San Diego. When I look at it or see the activities through the eyes of my friends, I still see it as a special place and it will continue to have special meaning for me.

Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Sacred Spaces – Churches, Temples and Spiritual Centres

Throwback Thursday 

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God Bless. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts. I appreciate y’all very much.

10 responses to “Sunday Stills: #Sacred Spaces – Churches, Temples, and Spiritual Centres _ Church of my Youth”

  1. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this post, Deb! It must not have linked for some reason. My brother-in-law lived in North Park for a few years. We likely drove by this church! We seem to have San Diego in common ( I was born there, and my hubby’s family moved there from Chile when he was 6). We lived in the Lemon Grove/LaMesa area and attended Helix High School. This church and its leadership were very important to you. How wonderful!

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    1. Thank you! It doesn’t look like I got the link done right. What years were you in San Diego County? I lived in San DIego from the time I was 2 until I got married in 1986. I miss San Diego, but not the high cost of living. I do still have several friends in the area from school and church. This church was my family for over twenty-five years, so lots of memories of good times and lasting friendships.

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      1. I’m glad you linked this time. I scrolled through to see if you’d posted for SS before and found your April post. We were traveling on our road trip and I couldn’t dig into WordPress very well.
        I was born in SD in 1959 and lived there for 20 years. Came back for two years 83-85, then moved to Sacramento. I have family in Lemon Grove and Ramona still. I had the same long term church experience in Sacramento. We moved in late 2020 to Spokane WA area. Cost of living much better now that we’re retired. Nice to meet you, Deb!

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        1. My family moved back to San Diego in 1958. I was born in South Carolina, but my brother was born in Balboa Naval Hospital. My parents met when my dad was in the Navy. It’s a wonder we didn’t run into each other back on the day having both grown up in San Diego County. I graduated from Hoover High in 1974.

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        2. My parents met in San Diego due to the navy, too. You were 4 years ahead of me and I was probably in my own little world 🤣

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        3. Weren’t we all. Obviously to the world outside of our own.

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  2. It looks like they did a lovely renovations. And how lovely your memories are of this church.

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  3. It’s great to look back on a church with so much special meaning. And as you say, even though people (and the building) have changed over the years, the most important thing is that the Word of the Lord has always remained the same. Lovely memory.

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    1. Thank you! Some memories you always treasure.

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