Monday Portrait: Eastern Gray Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis
Eastern Gray Squirrel

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is particular known in other parts of the world as simply the grey squirrel. It is a tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus. It is native to eastern North America (my part of the country), where it is most prodigious and ecologically essential natural forest regenerator. These squirrels I’ve seen before in several campgrounds, Greenways, and along several hiking trails in the area. I usually see them more in the country and not so much in the city near apartments or townhomes.

My grandson woke me up early to watch the squirrel on our back fence eating the dog’s food. He was fascinated watching the squirrel. Most squirrels I’ve seen do not have as long a tail as this Eastern Gray Squirrel. This shot he seemed to be saying; “Why you looking at me? Can’t you see I’m enjoying my breakfast at your expense? Thank you, I appreciate the food.”

Monday Portrait

Photo Credit: Deb L. Waters

God Bless. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate y’all.

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  1. Our visitors are always welcome, …their antics are always a mood lifter. ✨🙏✨

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