CFFC: Catching People Unaware

This week Cee asks us to share photos of catching people unaware. These photos were taken from the Duke Kimbrell Trail of the Matthews-Belk South Fork River Corridor which is a part of the Carolina Thread Trail network of Greenways, trails, and blueways.

The people were enjoying a day on Lake Wylie with their families and friends. They were completely unaware that someone hiking along the was taking photos of their activities.

The young girls were enjoying Stand-up Paddle boarding on the waters of Lake Wylie as their family watched and gave any necessary advice and/or assistance.

As you can see one is having fun with stand-up paddle boarding and another chose to sit and kayak along through the water.

This activity may still be fairly new to them as it seemed they didn’t venture too far away their families Pontoon.

Coleman and I had fun to stopping along the trail to watch their activity. Coleman would probably have preferred to be in the water along with them.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Catching People Unaware

Also Posting for Alive & Trekking’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

Photo Credit: ©️Deb L. Waters

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i with Canon EF 75-300mm lens.

God Bless. Thank you for sharing in our adventures. I appreciate y’all.

4 responses to “CFFC: Catching People Unaware”

  1. Wonderful and fun photos for this week. 😀 😀

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    1. Thank you! Luckily I captured them just before realizing what the prompt was for this week.

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  2. It looks like a great outing. Kayaking is something we love to do, but my balance isn’t great when it comes to SUP!

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    1. It looked like they were having fun. My balance wouldn’t be too good either. I use a hiking stick when we go out to help with balance.


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