Nice Day: Swinging – Sliding

It was such a nice day to be outside with my grandson today. After so many freezing cold, wet, and dreary days it felt terrific to feel the warmth of the sun. My grandson really likes being outdoors. It is extremely difficult on him when he has to stay indoors. He was relieved to be able to go outside run around, climb on his swing set, slide down, and swing on his green disk swing.

How does it make you feel when the weather is cold and dreary? Does it get you down? Does it change your mood? Changes in weather do have an effect on how we feel. When we are cooped up inside, it plays on our emotions. At least it does for me. Being outdoors is so freeing, it makes me feel alive.

My grandson is always so full of energy. It was relieving to be able to allow him the freedom to enjoy playing outside today. It brings me joy and happiness to watch him enjoying himself.

My grandson, Coleman

Hope you were able to enjoy your day. Take time, when possible, to enjoy the outdoors. Feel alive and free. You are appreciated. Be sure to like, comment and follow. I’d enjoy hearing from y’all.

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