2-22-22: Happy Twosday

Every where you see people saying or posting about 2-22-22. Why are are people posting Happy Twosday? What is so special about it?

2-22-22 is a palindrome. It doesn’t happen often. Wonder what a palindrome is all about? A palindrome is something that can be read backwards and forwards. It says the same thing either way.

How rare is the occurrence of 2-22-22 on a Tuesday? According to the National Weather Service, “Twosday” won’t happen again for another 400 years. This Twosday is actually a part of an eight-day palindrome. That means each day this week are palindromes.

Did you know that palindrome dates only occur in the first few centuries of each millennium? That means they only happen every 1,000 years.

2-22-22 is not only a palindrome, but also an ambigram. We already discovered it can be read backwards and forwards. However, did you know it can also be read upside down. It says the exact same thing no matter how you read it. Now that’s an interesting fact I hadn’t known before.

I’ve had some enjoyable days on 2-22 in the past few years. From visiting the USS North Carolina Battleship in 2017 to being on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2020.

USS North Carolina
Views from the Royal Caribbean
Gulf waves
Cruise ship
View from cruise ship

Businesses and a lot of people are on the 2-22-22 bandwagon. Giving discounts, posting memes or other images, texting happy Twosday. Have you jumped on the bandwagon?

The only part of 2-22-22 on a Twosday that has meaning to me is the 22. 22 veteran commit suicide everyday. As an individual we can pray and support our veterans. As a government, more should be done to help our veterans. They need better assistance especially for for the basic needs of healthcare and shelter. Mental health is a tremendous concern. When other needs are not met, the mental heath tends to decline. We must not forget about our veterans and what they sacrificed to serve the United States of America.

http://www.tilvalhallaproject.com A company run by veterans to support and give back to veterans.
Happy Twosday!

Have a blessed Twosday. Enjoy your day. Do what you can to give back. Feel free to like, comment, and follow. Thank y’all!

One response to “2-22-22: Happy Twosday”

  1. My daughter, Tuesday, who was born on a Tuesday, claimed this palindrome day as her own personal holiday. She received some very fitting twosday gifts from her friends, including a tutu from one of her fellow line dancers.


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