Whatsoever Is Lovely Challenge: 2023 – WEEK 6_February 5th

This weekend was a rare time spending with my granddaughter, my grandson, and my daughter all on a hiking trail. My daughter does not have her daughter all the time and she does not usually like to go hiking like my grandson and I do. So, being able to be outdoors in nature with all three of them was a lovely experience full of joy.

My grandson loves to climb. It was fun to watch his half-sister follow his lead in climbing up on top of the tunnel. My daughter’s heart was beating so fast, their actions scared her. It is a normal occurrence for me to watch my grandson climb when we are out in nature. If something can be climbed, he’ll climb it.

Whatsoever is lovely blog challenge

Whatsoever Is Lovely

God Bless. Thank you for sharing in my lovely experience. I appreciate y’all.

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